You can be escaping from whoever or whatever you like, but you will not be on your own.

Our vast experience in organizing sporting events has taught us edition after edition about anticipating risks. Foreseeing how the vehicles suffer on each trip in order to install appropriate mechanics and avoid problems or solve them by our own means, taking out appropriate insurance, always using satellite communication means, etc.

We have worked this way of thinking into our idiosyncrasy, that is why our adventures incorporate safety protocols more typical of sporting and competition events.

Spot 3

Satellite tracker which tells us the location and allows real-time monitoring of each vehicle. It offers added security with the possibility of sending an SOS message in case of emergency. Service monitored by the Emergency Rescue Coordination Center.


In the more remote experiences, we include mechanical personnel among our team, who guarantee an assistance service. Our team has the necessary tools to be able to provisionally solve most possible en route breakdowns.


Our adventures are covered by different types of insurance depending on the activity and destination. From accident, illness, loss of luggage or documentation to search and rescue, medical repatriation, private civil liability, etc …