Get lost with us

Get Lost | Sel Drive Adventures | Marruecos

Choose adventure, date and the vehicle you wish to drive. We take care of everything.

We have been losing ourselves for more than 20 years and we are proud to affirm that we lose ourselves better and better. We have lost ourselves countless times in countless places, sometimes even where no one has ever gotten lost before. And to get lost you have to get off the beaten track and we just love to venture into the back and beyond.

Get Lost | Sel Drive Adventures | Marruecos

We love what we do

But even to get lost, motivation and passion are just not enough, you need training, talent,n experience and the right vehicle to leave whatever you want behind. If you want to disappear from the map for a few days, we are the company you would like to do it with.

We have learned about routes and navigation by dint of getting lost, mechanics thanks to breaking down in the most remote places and driving by going where others haven’t gone…

Get Lost | Sel Drive Adventures | Marruecos

Relax, or don’t…

It doesn’t matter if your dream is to cross Morocco and sleep under the desert stars, lose your mind with incredible landscapes (from heavenly beaches to rugged mountains) or if you are just seeking a week long adrenaline rush, driving through forests or cruising by the sea.

We provide you with a fully equipped vehicle so you can get lost with greater comfort and independence and we offer you the technical support you need to help you get lost with whoever you want.

We are easy going people and we are made for adventures. We adapt to each group. We can improvise even along the same route. Feel free to make suggestions.