Your first time? Don’t worry, we can answer a few questions that may arise.

Find below some of the questions that we are most frequently asked by participants in our adventures. If your question is not on this list, contact us at  info@get-lost.es and we will answer it..


Who can participate?2021-04-16T07:34:02+02:00

As drivers: Our minimum age for the standard insurance policy is 25, however, we accept drivers over 18 with modified policy terms.

As passengers: It depends on the adventure, but we do not usually advise participating with children under 14 years of age. However, we will be happy to advise you. Not all options are the same, neither in driving hours nor in difficulty, etc. In the same way, if any of the possible passengers has a health condition or some limitation, we can also advise you.

Do I need to contract any specific insurance?2021-03-28T16:30:20+02:00

All our adventures include the necessary insurance. It’s cost is included in the total fee. You can consult the insurance coverage in each of the adventures.


What personal documents should I bring?2021-03-28T16:36:37+02:00

For adventures in Europe, only a valid identity card and driving license are needed.

For other countries outside the European Union you will need a valid passport and in some cases, a visa. The information for each adventure states which documentation is required.

Vehicles + Driving

Where and how can I pick up the vehicle?2021-03-28T16:58:52+02:00

Depending on the adventure you choose, we will inform you in advance of the possibilities we offer for picking up your vehicle.

How many people can participate per vehicle?2021-03-28T16:57:24+02:00

The 3-door Patrols only have capacity for 2 people and the Nissan Terrano II up to 3 people.

The 5-door models have a capacity of up to 4 people, in this case it is important to take into account that boot space will be reduced by the “adventure kit” provided and luggage space will be correspondingly reduced.

Is fuel included?2021-03-28T16:53:14+02:00

No! Vehicles are delivered with a full tank and must also be returned with a full tank. Fuel is paid for by the customer.

Is a deposit required?2021-03-28T16:55:20+02:00

Yes. The deposit will vary depending on the type of vehicle.

What do I need to know about driving on different types of terrain?2021-03-28T16:51:42+02:00

Depending on the adventure, the terrain may change even several times in the same day. Before starting out each day on your adventure, there will be a briefing with detailed information about the types of terrain and recommendations for each surface.

Are the vehicles automatic or manual?2021-03-28T16:47:44+02:00

All vehicles come with a manual gearbox. If you need an automatic vehicle, contact us to check availability.

Is it easy to damage the vehicle?2021-03-28T16:46:08+02:00

It is unlikely, you will always be accompanied by qualified personnel, it is very likely that you will go through complicated or technical areas, but if necessary, we will advise you on how you should drive. The vehicles we use are adventure ready, reliable and tough.

What happens if I break down or damage the vehicle?2021-03-28T16:44:21+02:00

If the vehicle breaks down, we will try to repair it as soon as possible, and if the problem cannot be solved, we will try to replace the vehicle.

  • We do not consider as damages: small scratches or scuffs in the paintwork, wear of mechanical parts or punctures.
  • We consider damages: dents, cuts in tires, broken windows, or any other damage derived from misuse of the vehicle.

In the event of damages that are the participant’s responsibility, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit.

What happens if I have an accident during the adventure?2021-03-28T16:40:28+02:00

Our adventures are meant for you to learn and enjoy.

It is very important to comply with the safety regulations and recommendations for each adventure. For your own safety, for that of other participants and for the safety of all others.

In the unlikely event of an accident, all vehicles have a satellite tracker (SPOT), with a real-time online tracking platform and an SOS service monitored by the emergency rescue coordination center (IERCC)

The best solution however, is prevention and to always follow our organisation’s advice. Safety is a priority at Get Lost!. Participants who do not comply with our staff’s guidelines, or with the adventure’s safety regulations, will have their vehicle withdrawn. All participants are covered by health repatriation insurance in the event of illness or accident.

Do I need navigation or GPS knowledge?2021-03-28T16:49:38+02:00

Not necessarily. Our staff will always be with you. They will explain the basic notions of operating the navigation systems installed in the vehicles.

Can I rent a vehicle for an adventure on my own?2021-03-28T17:00:11+02:00

No, our vehicles are not for rent, they are only available for our adventures.

Accommodation and journey

Should we reserve accommodation?2021-03-28T17:04:10+02:00

All the adventures that we organize have information about the accommodation during your trip, but if you have any special requirements or wish for any extra options, please contact us and we will arrange for them.

What is included in the price? Are there extra expenses?2021-03-28T17:02:25+02:00

Our rates include the complete adventure, but may vary depending on the number of people and the type of vehicle chosen. The only additional cost is the vehicle deposit, which will vary depending on the vehicle.

Flights from origin, fuel en route and midday meals are not included.

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