GET LOST introduces the new concept of Self Drive Adventures, a new way to experience and enjoy driving on colossal off-road adventures without the need of having a vehicle.

The concept is not new, but rare in Europe. GET LOST offers fully equipped off-road vehicles for unforgettable adventures guided by our expert team.

Our adventures are adapted to all types of people, regardless of each person’s experience. They are designed for small groups and each group drives their own vehicle.

We allow you to drive on roads that you would probably never take or even find, you will enjoy unique landscapes far from the well trodden tourist routes, enjoying driving on all types of terrain, learning, having unforgettable experiences, facing challenges and above all, having fun.

We place three generations of Nissan Patrol at your disposal, the 260 model, the Y60 and the Y61, as well as a generation of Nissan Terrano II. They are authentic rugged off-road vehicles, with very little modern technology and electronics, fully prepared for the proposed routes and ideal for the adventures that we offer.

Our adventures are safe and incorporate security protocols more typical of sporting events, from satellite monitoring of all vehicles, extensive insurance coverage and mechanical assistance at all times should it be needed.

For now, we offer you adventures in Morocco, Portugal and Spain, but soon new destinations will be added to the current offer.